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Service Description

Receivable Management Forepart Service

Receivable Management Forepart Service (Invoice Monitoring)

Credit sales can improve sales and expand market share for an enterprise, but it will raise the stakes of risks also,  understanding enterprises’ needs for the receivables management, Huaxia Collection launched Receivable Management Forepart Service (invoice monitoring service) in 2000 and has kept improving the services since then, which can help business manage all receivables effectively and shorten the collection period of receivables.

Purposes of RMFS

● It can effectively prevent receivables from being defaulted from the very beginning of a transaction.

● In the early phase of A/R collection, by virtue of the effective A/R management previously , the recovery of defaulted accounts will be maximized.


Key Features of RMFS

1. Full Response to Customers’ Needs

The flexible operation can deal with the monitoring and tacking of receivables from the early stage of the credit sales process to the early stage of A/R collection; The services range from the collection of singular receivable to the overall receivables management; It can be operated either in the names of  customers or Huaxia Credit, and all strategies and solution are fully responsive to customer needs.

2. Thorough Integration and Coordination

Our well-trained employees will apply professional methods and skills to ensure the effective management of accounts receivable in accordance with the customer credit and receivables management policies, so as to ensure the normal and timely payments by buyers.

3. Quick Information Feedback

Many receivables are in arrears because the debtors think that the suppliers’ invoices or other sales documents are not clear or failed to be provided in time, or there are objections to the quality and transportation of the goods. RMFS will take your receivables under close supervision and tracking, and help you to identify and solve mentioned problems in time, so as to eliminate all obstacles that may lead delayed payment of receivables.

4. Professionalism Instead of Hostility

Trained in professional customer service, telephone communication, collection skills and negotiation strategies, the customer service representatives (CSRs) are able to communicate with the buyers or debtors strategically rather than hostilely. One purpose of RMFS services is to enhance the good relationship between companies and its customers, and maintain the good relationship for a long term.

5. Reasonable Service Charge

RMFS help customers save resources: time and money. It charges according to the needs of customers by contract or by invoice, but far less than the cost of conventional collection.

Who will benefits from RMFS?

● Manufacturers who sell products under credit terms and worry about the collection of receivables

● Logistics and express companies that provide credit services with term of monthly settlement

● The company that is restructuring and trying to minimize the management costs

● Manufacturers who want to set up branches in different places but can't afford it economically

● Insurers who want to minimize claims against policyholders

Reasons for using Huaxia’s RMFS rather than self-management

● Lower costs of overall receivable management

● More effective and professional collection strategy and measures

● Systematic management of receivables

● Improve management efficiency

● Improve the customer service quality

● Easy access to high quality customer reports

● Know customer satisfaction of the company in time

Collection of Overdue Receivables

Unique Receivables Management Mode

Huaxia Collection achieves goals through coordination, communication and close cooperation with creditors, and is committed to protecting the relationship between creditors and their customers from damage. If necessary, legal influence will be exerted through partner law firms across the whole country.


Receivables Management Professionals

The receivable management personnel of Huaxia Collection are experienced in both credit investigation and receivables management. With strong investigation ability and legal background, they can quickly judge the colleclibility of receivables. With good negotiation and collection skills, they can coordinate and communicate with the debtors properly and achieve the purpose of collection under the premises of not breaking the relationship between the creditor and the debtor.


The Nationwide Network

Huaxia Collection maintains a nationwide network, which connects nearly 200 law firms in addition to professional collection personnel in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Thus, Huaxia Collection can protect the interests of customers no matter where the their business expand.


Flexible Cooperation Mode

Huaxia Collection’s operation is customer-based, which allows to cooperate with customers in a various modes according to different needs of customers. Also, customers may choose modes that suit their needs best to cooperate with Huaxia Collection.


No Payment, No Commission

Huaxia Collection has always been adhering the principle of “no payment, no commission”. Creditors can thus avoid the risk of additional cost.


Collection Scheme and Procedure of Overdue Receivables

1. Case Review: relevant information provided by customers → Huaxia Collection’s review → Acceptance Confirmation Letter issued by Huaxia Collection


2. Case Acceptance: execution of Receivable Management Agreement→the customer provides Authorization Letter for Receivables Management


3. Case Operation: develop collection plan, coordinate and communicate with debtors and creditors, conduct in-depth collection and successful mediation, and supervise the repayment


4. Case Closure: submit the closure report→suggest customers take legal action in case of unsuccessful mediation


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