A/R Management solutions

Based on years of industry experience and accounts receivable disputes that often occur in the market, Huaxia

Account Receivable Management Co., Ltd offers a full set of risk solutions for customers. After years of hard work,

we have provided account receivable management services for dozens of famous enterprises at home and abroad,

which brings us honors in the industry and obtain unanimous approval from the customers.


Overdue account receivables will occur despite all efforts to check the credit of trade partners or to monitor

accounts before and during a transaction, so accounts receivable (A/R) management is an indispensable part

of a company’s credit management system. To manage account A/R and to recover overdue A/R, you certainly

need advice and help from professionals.

Debt collection

Huaxia collection and lawyers will carefully analyze overdue accounts, make investigation, and negotiate with

debtors on behalf of our clients, pressing debtors to pay directly to clients by using non-litigation but legitimate



Asset search

Huaxia Collection provides search services into various kinds of corporate assets. An asset search is very

significant to business transactions and trade debt collection. Sufficient information on your partners’ assets

will enable you to understand the financial standings of your trade partners and keep you safe from fraudulence.

When overdue A/R is to be collected, an asset search will foil debtors’ attempts to transfer assets stealthily

and thus provide adequate assurance of asset seizure.


Receivable Outsourcing Management Service

Companies can increase their sales by selling on credit, which brings the company a larger market share, and

at the same time, a larger risk of bad debt. With a comprehensive understanding of companies’ needs of

Account Receivable (A/R) Management, Huaxia Collection has established and consistently improved our

Receivable Outsourcing Management Service (ROMS) since 2004. This service will help you efficiently control

your A/R and shorten the collection period of A/R after sale.


Debt Inquiry

As there are still inadequacies in the law system and the credit environment is unsound, a lot of bad operators

exist in the market with impunity and a great deal of legal operators’ rights and interests cannot be protected.

Therefore, Huaxia Collection takes the lead in providing debt inquiry service in China based on our practical



Huaxia Collection has accumulated tens of thousands of debtors’ information after ten years of business.

Through connection with courts throughout the country, Huaxia Collection has collected a large amount of

information of debtor companies which have been involved in lawsuits. Based on the above information, Huaxia

Collection is building a debt information system of the Chinese Mainland and have successfully launched an

online inquiry service.

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