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 Enterprise History

Headquartered in Beijing, Huaxia Credit Group (Abbr.: Huaxia Credit) was created on the base
of Huaxia International Credit Consulting Co., Ltd.

In Aug. 1993, Huaxia International Credit Consulting Co., Ltd. was incorporated.


In 1994, Huaxia Credit launched the first credit rating system in China ——Huaxia Credit Rating System,

by integrating the advanced international expertise and technologies with actual conditions in China.


In 1998, Huaxia Credit became the regular member of Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA, formerly known as ACB) in Mainland China.


In 1998, Huaxia Credit was admitted by CreditAlliance as the sole regular member in Mainland China, indicating

the internationally wide acceptance of Huaxia Credit’s services.


In 1999, Entrusted by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Huaxia commenced to assist the design of

Beijing Consumer Credit Risk Control System.


In 2000, Huaxia Credit entered series of agreements with several famous E-commerce websites including Alibaba

for joint operations of Credit Management Columns.


In October 2000, as the sole representative invited in Mainland China, professor Xiaoning Cao, the president of

Huaxia Credit, attended the Second World Consumer Credit Union Congress held in San Francisco, USA and

signed the Declaration of Global Consumer Credit Alliance together with delegates from other countries.


In Sept. 2001, Huaxia Credit started the strategic cooperation with Choice Point to launch pre-employment

screening service in China.


In 2002, Huaxia Credit began to provide banks with personal credit management solutions and outsourcing services and serve for State-subsidized Student Loan of ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), State-subsidized Student Loan of Bank of China, credit card management of CMBC (China Merchants Bank), Car Loan of China

Citic Bank.


In 2003, Huaxia Credit was entrusted with the Pilot Project of Three-Year Credit System Construction in Taizhou

Zhejiang Province (lasting to 2005). Besides, Huaxia Credit also developed a Credit Rating Management System

for Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in the same year.


In 2004, Huaxia Credit was entrusted with the design and development of Chongqing Regional Credit Management System by China Development Bank.


In 2004, Huaxia Credit hosted the 4th World Consumer Credit Union Congress in Beijing. Nearly 300

representatives from 30 countries and regions attended glittering event.


In 2006, Huaxia Credit and Duns & Bradstreet (D & B) started their strategic cooperation and jointly

established Shanghai Huaxia D& B Business Information Consulting Co., Ltd.


In 2008, Huaxia CRIF Credit Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was founded as joint efforts between Huaxia Credit and well-known Italy-based CRIF.


In 2009, Huaxia International Market Research (Beijing) Co., Ltd was renamed as Huaxia ShangDun International

Education Consulting Co., Ltd. to be a specialized provider of comprehensive services for Loss Prevention

 Committee of China General Chamber of Commerce.


In 2011, Huaxia D&B China acquired Micromarketing successfully.


TodayHuaxia Credit have accomplished the transformation of operation pattern from manual work to more

effective flow based on the global database. Our services line has been diversified from sample business

credit reporting to one-stop solutions covering business credit risk management, business information service,

direct marketing service, personal information, A/R management, basic training of loss prevention etc.


Huaxia Credit Group has grown into the renowned provider of information and services in China.


Aiming to providing more quality and efficient services, Huaxie Credit Group will integrate the advantages and
sharpen the competitive edges by centering the group.


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