Pre-employment Screening Service

Our Pre-employment Screening Service was moved from Huaxia CRIF to Huaxia Credit

for better quality and support.


Since 2001, Huaxiacredit, the oldest provider of professional pre-employment screening report in China,

has provided professional services to business leaders throughout China and the world.

Our services and reports are provided in a timely manner to meet our client’s needs in  compliance with all laws

and regulatory guidelines. Our accuracy has never been questioned and sets the standard by which all others are

measured. Those services are supported by variety of sources.

Huaxiacredit provide mainly the following types of Pre-Employment reports, Huaxia Dunn &  Bradstreet China, can

provide added value to our services with Company Credit History Reports.

      ID verification                                                       Employment Verification

      Registered Residence/Origin Verification             Performance Appraisal
      Criminal Records                                                  Education Verification
      Civil Litigation                                                       Professional License Verification
      Financial Lrregularities


Competitive advantages of Huaxiacredit

    ◆  Providing Professional Services to Business Leaders Longer Than Anyone In China
    ◆  International and Standardized Reports With Exceptional Value
    ◆  Flexible Service Solutions With Excellent Time Service
    ◆  Accurate and Thorough Verifications Supported By A Variety of Sources
    ◆  Reliable Information Security Management Systems

Contact Us:

Tel:+86 10 87521202

Room1801,Towe3,Beijing International Center, No.38 East 3rd Ring North Road, Chaoyang  District, Beijing

100026, China.


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