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    Aug. 21, 2013 is a memorable day for Huaxia Credit because it is our 20th anniversary, and we can take this time to celebrate our remarkable successes achieved in the span of 20 years!
20 years ago, Huaxia Credit was registered with a legal     capital of 2 million only, but has developed into a group  with legal capital of 50 million by now depending on our  own accumulations in these years, a 25 times increase. The increment not only shows our capacities to sustain the vigorous development, but also the full confidence  to the future!
20 years ago, Huaxia Credit was created by four founders with their great visions and strong belief, and, now,  has  been  a  group  enterprise  possessing  5  subsidiaries. With the  creation  of  Huaxia D & B  and  Huaxia CRIF,  it  is  beyond doubt that we have been able to  match  the  leading  credit risk management agencies in the world!

When we talking about our merits, there is one thing for sure that we will never forget the people who have worked or is working hard
for Huaxia’s growth with their youth and devotion. I want to    take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of you. Without you all, past and present, we would not be here today. It really has been a great journey.

When we celebrate our success ,  also, we definitely will not forget each of our clients in these    20 years. It is you who helped us to make progresses, taught us by market, and fostered our         development. On this joyous occasion, I would like to express my thanks to all clients of Huaxia      through this article!

Tomorrow, Huaxia Credit will strive to be more powerful and stronger, and will not be unworthy of    the efforts of all Huaxia’s people and the cultivations of all clients. Huaxia Credit will answer your    expectations with more successes. Thank you, my friends!

In this era of big data, we are not allowed to make any standstill. The Internet has brought various challenges to the traditional information business, however, in the same time, created great         opportunities for new emerging information companies. Huaxia Credit has always had its eye on      future development, and launched today’s reinvent for tomorrow's success, seeking for sustainable excellence.

Huaxia Credit, Orient Brilliant Achievements!

Chairman: Cao Xiaoning


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