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Professor Xiaoning Cao, began his work in May 7th Cadre School of General Office of the Central             Committee of the Communist Party in 1971 and has served as the deputy secretary general of the Youth League of the school. He graduated from Beijing College of Commerce (Today's Beijing Technology &       Business University) in 1982 and successively served as section chief, vice division chief, division chief     and deputy bureau director in Rural Policy Research Office of the Secretariat of the Central Committee,     State Commission for Economics Structure Reform, Ministry of Commerce, etc.. 1988-1989  visiting             scholar of Economics Department at University of Chicago;                                                    
1990  appointed as a research assistant of Rural Development Research Office of State Council;          
1992  appointed as a associate research fellow of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;                 
1997  appointed as a research fellow of State Planning Commission;                   
2003  became the first Certified International Credit Executive Officer of Finance, &  Credit International Business Association(FCIB)
in China Mainland;             
2005  invited to be the guest professor of Capital University of Economics and Business.
1993  Mr.Cao created Huaxia International Business Credit Consulting Co, Ltd.

(Today’s Huaxia Credit      Group),and has taken functions and responsibilities of chairman and president  since then;                                                           
2006  created Huaxia D & B China together with Dun & Bradstreet and has been holding post of             Chairman in the joint venture since then;

2005  established Standing Secretariat of Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Association and has            shouldered the duty of secretary general since then;                                                          
2008  set up Loss Prevention Committee of China General Chamber of Committee and has chaired          the committee since then.



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